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Message: [url=http://ximera.pw] A fundamentally new anti-detection browser with anti-detection methods[/url] [b]Ximera's work is based on the principles of cryptography, which make it possible to confuse digital fingerprints and prevent sites from collecting and compiling information about the activity of their visitors. [/b] In addition to the obvious advantage of providing anonymous and secure online activities, Chimera has other advantages: [i] - Profile data can be stored in a convenient way for you. The choice is a database or your own device. - Data on different devices are synchronized with each other. - The possibility of fairly accurate manual settings – you can change the proxy settings, time zone, browser identification string and others. - Access to create multiple work environments. - Protection of the system from hacking if the password is entered incorrectly. - Data encryption on a one-way key [/i] Anonymous browser is suitable for both private and corporate use with the distribution of roles between participants. Install and enjoy protected viewing with anti-detection options. [b]And also be sure to use our affiliate program, to participate, it is enough to register in your personal account and get an individual link [/b] Invite your users and get 40% from each payment of the user you invited [b]We provide a welcome bonus to each new user when registering with the promo code - 94a69r![/b] [url=https://ximera.pw/browser-automation-apache-struts-2-bug-bites-canada-cisco-vmware-and-others]browser-automation-apache-struts-2-bug-bites-canada-cisco-vmware-and-others[/url] [url=https://bestbrowser.store/antidetect-browser-top-tiktok-on-the-clock-and-the-hacking-wont-stop-sms-spoofing-vuln-let-baddies-twiddle-teens-social-media-videos]antidetect-browser-top-tiktok-on-the-clock-and-the-hacking-wont-stop-sms-spoofing-vuln-let-baddies-twiddle-teens-social-media-videos[/url]